PACIFIC ELITE MANAGEMENT GROUP was founded by John Bivens. After 20 years working in the investment bank, Mr. Bivens made the well-considered decision to establish his own, independent practice. Partnering with well-established partners with over 75 years of financial planning experience combined, he has elevated the company to one that is free of conflicts of interest and adheres to the stricter fiduciary standard. As such, we consider ourselves to be on the same side of the table as our clients, looking for the best Wealth Planning and investment solutions.

Our company is driven by the notion of what is best for our client. We provide Wealth Planning solutions that integrate the financial needs of high net worth Sports and Entertainment Professionals and their families. As an advocate, we take the time to deeply understand the financial goals of our clients then develop strategies to help protect and preserve their wealth. By building comprehensive Wealth Planning strategies, with all elements of their goals working in unison, we help them achieve what matters most, a strong financial future.

We position ourselves to play a very important role in the lifestyle of our clients outside of their fields. This will make it easy for our clients to focus on success without the anxiety of business or the organization side of their profession. Our team cares about the well being of our clients as we embrace them with a family oriented relationship. We ensure that our clients are getting sound Investment, Business and Wealth Planning direction to allow them to focus and perform at their highest level.

Pacific Elite Management Group has established partnerships in the financial and entertainment industries ensuring a full services approach to the needs of our high profile clientele. Our partnerships enhance a diverse business and representation network, which also ensures that all client needs are met and that they are in the best possible position to succeed financially during and after their career.