Fixed Income Management

Sample:  Pacific Elite Management Group  fixed income philosophy is designed around municipal, government, agency, and corporate bond portfolios, incorporating individual bonds and/or externally managed bond funds. After detailed assessments, portfolio duration is actively managed, reflecting objective and decisive evaluation of high-grade taxable and tax-exempt fixed income securities. We also offer complementary exposure to various sectors in the global fixed income markets allowing us to achieve greater diversification.

Our objective is to generate total return exceeding market benchmarks by investing in a portfolio focused on either one fixed income strategy or a blending of various fixed income strategies that include the following:

  • Cash management.
  • Brokered CDs.
  • Municipal bonds.
  • Corporate bonds.
  • Government bonds (including Treasury bills).
  • International bonds.
  • Emerging market bonds.
  • Hybrid securities (preferred/convertible bonds).
  • Indexed bond funds.
  • Actively managed bond funds