Equity Management

Pacific Elite Management Group  clients benefit from personalized reporting, full access to a wide range of external investment products, and individualized solutions developed in-house by our own investment team to help them meet their most sophisticated investment goals.

We help clients manage their assets in difficult as well as favorable market conditions through adherence to established investment guidelines developed with each client. The refined composition of Pacific Elite Management Group 's equity approach includes U.S., international and emerging market large-cap, mid-cap, and small-cap equities in value, core, and growth styles. We offer clients exposure to both actively managed and index-based strategies.

Regarding tax considerations, we employ sophisticated strategies to help our clients minimize the taxes on their portfolios. For example, we often engage the use of exchange traded funds to minimize the capital gains consequences that arise with typical mutual funds.

In customizing approaches for our clients, we jointly establish investment guidelines that focus on just a few asset classes or engage in a complete variety of asset classes. We believe that by incorporating a variety of asset classes we can reduce risk in portfolios. We also understand that sometimes assets managed by Pacific Elite Management Group  may represent only a portion of a client's larger portfolio and that we may be engaged to focus on one or two asset classes.

As a means to pursue our goals of improving the risk and reward characteristics of our clients' portfolios, we provide institutional-quality management through vehicles and sectors such as:

  • Actively managed mutual funds.
  • Index based mutual funds.
  • Exchange traded funds.
  • US Large Cap.
  • US Mid Cap.
  • US Small Cap.
  • International Funds.
  • Emerging Market Funds.
  • Single Country or Regional International Funds.