Public Relations

Pacific Elite Management's Public Relations division is an Los Angeles based full-service public relations, social media and marketing agency. Our clientele spans premiere markets from Los Angeles to New York, Miami to San Francisco, Chicago to Las Vegas, and other vogue territories. Our talented team has garnered recent attention with respect to their distinct and creative campaigns for clients with public relations, promotional, social media, and marketing needs. 

Our specialty areas include: 

  • Entertainment, 
  • Talent & Sports Figures, 
  • Lifestyle & Hospitality, 
  • Fashion & Beauty, 
  • Health & Fitness, 
  • Luxury brands, 
  • Consumer products, 
  • Technology,
  • Music, 
  • Social Media, and 
  • Red Carpet and Special events. 

We take pride in our ability to supply each and every one of our clients with a fresh, viable approach at reaching their most grand ambitions in an often all-too-predictable industry. We take a hands-on service approach and will be right there with you every step of the way. And due to this open relationship with our clientele, we develop a tight-knit connection that allows us to more fully understand and achieve your unique business goals and public relations aspirations. In everything we do, our primary objective is to ensure the growth and success of your business, whether you are an eager newcomer or a well-established veteran who simply requires an infusion of energy or increased visibility in the market place. At Pacific Elite Management, we will do all that we can for you…and more!