Sports Management

Pacific Elite Management Group is a group of managerial advisors with over 75 years of Investment Advisory experience working with high-end executives and professional athletes.

Our firm specializes in a proactive approach built for the athlete of today. Our consultations and 24 hr. concierge service allows us to build a strong personal relationship where the athlete feels safe and secure in the decisions they make in regards to their financial future and well-being.  

The Amateur, the Collegiate and the Professional

Our first step is to truly educate on two of the most important factors that will have a major impact on your future: Financial Literacy and Injury/Draft Protection.

Our Financial Literacy starts with the education on several key concepts:

  • How money works for you or the Power of Compound Interest
  • The difference between Saving and Investing
  • Creating a Financial Foundation
  • Protection; this includes protecting you and your money
  • Staying out of debt  
  • Creating positive cash flow

Our Injury/Draft Protection education teaches you on how to protect your most valuable asset...YOU! We have partnered with some of the largest insurance carriers in the world that will protect:

  • Your potential income potential from minor to career ending injuries
  • Draft protection in case an unforeseeable injury lowers your draft expectations
  • The last year of a potential unprotected year or going into future contract negotiations.  

To learn more please click on the following links:

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  • Temporary and Career Ending Disability

PEMG has developed what it considers its world class Wealth Management System. This is a two-part strategy that entails an Asset Accumulation and Asset Preservation phase: 


Our Asset Accumulation phase is derived of taking into consideration present and future contractual earnings, potential revenue generated from commercials, advertising, licensing and branding opportunities, and any other current or future monetary considerations. From this, we develop a model that will provide generational income, segmented in timelines of the athlete's life and career, using current earnings; with the flexibility of positive change from potential future earnings


Our Asset Preservation stage is securing and safely managing these assets using superior financial industry products and financial plans that have been previously set in place, which will enable us to provide a much broader safety net to these assets. Our goal is to provide a stable and long lasting financial future for our clients. 


Our WEALTH PLAN will include, but not limited to:

  • The ability to live comfortably within a desired means throughout their lifetime.
  • Current resolve or attention to debt and/or financial obligations owed or created.
  • Taxation; it's not what you make but how much you keep. 
  • Investments; to include Investment Advisory, Taxed Advantaged and potential real estate and/or business holdings that will produce present or future passive income
  • Legacy Building; creating foundations and/or the ability to transfer wealth to loved ones if so desired


Building a Financial Foundation

Our financial strategies will include a wide array of specialty products, ideas and financial industry knowledge that will enable us to create a strong and sound financial foundation. Some of these strategies include but not limited to:

  • Personal Investment Advisory services such as retirement planning and supplemental income strategies  
  • Financial plans specifically designed for each individual's needs and services 
  • Protection; such as Income Protection policies, Draft protection, and others such as Life, Disability and Taxed Advantaged accounts
  • Personal and a 24-hr. concierge service in case of emergencies

The FINANCIAL FOUNDATION will consist of:

  1. Secure living expenses or monthly income that will enable the client to live and maintain a livable and productive life style. 
  2. Investment Advisory
    1. Investments based on Growth and Income Funds, stocks, etc.    
    2. Income producing investments; i.e. real estate and commercial development.
    3. Create multiple streams of passive residual income.
    4. Taxed-Advantaged products that will provide future tax-free income and protection.
  3. Protection.
    1. Disability or Income Protection products.
    2. Life Insurance.
    3. Umbrella coverage
    4. Living Trust
    5. Foundations.
    6. Incorporate

These are just a few of the items we will be addressing to build and secure the client's financial future.  
Please contact one of our advisor specialist for more information.

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Temporary and Career Ending Disabiltiy