Legacy & Wealth Transfer Development

A family, like any team, needs an intelligent game plan. Family Office Services is focused on building family wealth for a lasting legacy. We create and implement sophisticated solutions that assist individuals and families with a net worth in excess of $10 million in accumulating, preserving, and transferring wealth. 

But success is measured by more than numbers – we remain attuned to your family's unique and changing needs to develop, coordinate, and implement an integrated plan that creates a positive impact for generations.

Our Family Wealth Advisors Coordinate, Integrate, Simplify: Building, preserving, and effectively transferring wealth over multiple generations requires more than wise investing. A sophisticated and trusted family wealth advisor helps you navigate the intricate issues and challenges faced by high net worth families. Your strategies need to complement your family's unique values and goals. We synchronize all the complexities of family wealth management with your team of advisors to plan for the near term as well as generations to come.