Investment Management

We work diligently to gain a holistic understanding of your financial resources and goals so we can design and implement strategies tailored to meet your individual investment needs. To assist you in meeting those goals we provide our proprietary institutional investment management process we refer to as: The Investment Management Discipline which consists of the following:

Develop your Investment Policy Statement – After understanding your financial goals and objectives, we customize an Investment Policy Statement to align your objectives with customized portfolio strategies. Your IPS articulates details including asset allocation, performance expectations, risk characteristics, etc.

Recommend Asset Allocation and Manager Selection – Based on your IPS, we give specific asset allocation and manager recommendations designed to best meet your goals.
Implement – After further discussion and approval by you, we implement our recommendations using non-conflicted institutional partners to custody your assets so you can feel confident in the security and protection of your assets.

Monitor and Review – We continually monitor the asset allocation strategies and the performance of all selected mangers to confirm their continued merit in your portfolio. Further, we review your plan with you and make adjustment when necessary as we progress steadily toward your goals year after year.